Top searching tips for increasing your job prospects – Do’s and Don’ts to adhere

Job hunting does give us a serious way of how important professionalism is needed in such a competitive world. Yes, we also know that the journey as a job seeker often tend to become quite frustrating and challenging because we don’t get clear guidance of how to move forward. Hence, I am giving you tips where you will stand out from the crowd for a meaningful, promising, constructive and awesome career.


Make sure your curriculum vitae is updated

Remember, that your C.V is actually a document where you are marketing yourself. Yes, your skills, capabilities, experience and qualification are marketed in a creative manner to help your recruiters understand in a simple and easy manner. You should know, that a great C.V just eases your task of getting recruited quickly. You can also take a professionalized help to get it top notch

Get a professional picture

You are shortly going to enter a world where your professionalism matters. So why not show to it right through the platform which is actually accessed by increasing numbers of visitors both locally and on a global platform? Yes, it does help. So don’t delay in posting the picture which can speak about how cool and professional you look, as it will send a positive vibe to your recruiters who may be able to visit your profile.

Assess yourself first

Yes, you have reached the important phase of getting hired by the potential recruiter where professionally, you need to be confident and knowledgeable about your strength and weakness about the nature of job, you are going to do. Yes, your skills, knowledge and experience (if any) work best towards creating a positive vibe for your recruiters who can better know about you. Additionally, your prospect of getting the specific job becomes reality as well.

You need to remember that in such a technologically advanced world, you may be searched online with far greater ease, than you would have actually thought.  Now, based on your vulnerability of being closely monitored by your potential recruiters, you shouldn’t do the following things


Don’t undermine the importance of LinkedIn

Do you know that 90% recruiters search for the potential employees through LinkedIn? Yes, that necessitates you to not just register yourself, but also to present yourself in all its glory. Yes, in all probability if your potential employee couldn’t see you, then he is going to choose another one over you, only because you have either not registered yourself or couldn’t elaborate your skills in a presentable manner.

Don’t post photos which may harm your reputation

Yes, you should refrain from boasting about the image which gives a negative or careless perception. I mean where you are drinking heavily and seems to be complete lost

Don’t delay accepting the friend request of your “would-be” boss

Yes, you have no other option but to accept the request. Isn’t it?

Don’t create controversy

It is better not to comment or like issues and topics which may be sensitive on ethnic, social or religious grounds as it may backfire you professionally.